5 Exhibitions

In addition to the Land Art installations built “onsite”, the augmented reality and the many art pieces that will be shown in the Ras Zone, the first celebration of the Andorra Land Art International Biennial will also be offering a wide selection of photographic exhibitions that will enable the visitors to complete their knowledge of this artistic discipline. Some will be on display outdoors, and others in closed exhibition halls; yet in every case the photos will be large and located in places with a great deal of foot traffic. The idea is for these photographs to catch the people’s eye, making it impossible for them to be overlooked. No doubt, they will jump out at you!

The exhibits give people an overall vision of the Land Art that is produced all around the world, while at the same time displaying art works generated in other natural ecosystems or at other times of nature’s annual cycle (with the snow or ice, in the desert, in faraway places, etc.). The photos of the five selected exhibitions are truly magnificent and will help Land Art to extend to still more places in Andorra.