Andorra welcomes you and is pleased to present a great cultural event, surprising, magical, kaleidoscopic, interactive, contagious, fun and highly international, with a touch of environmental awareness. In a word, it will be a definite cultural jolt, no doubt about it.

For one full month, nearly thirty artists from here at home and from other countries around the world will be showing us their creativity while imagining, building a new contemporary landscape. We will get to see the ways in which they work with and in nature, as they invite us to enjoy some of the most wonderful corners of the country through different eyes. We will see and experience from up close how they improve our urban and natural spaces through their intensely personal creations. And all together, adults and children will do Land Art in an open, level area specially designed for participation and artistic learning, the Ras Zone, which sits in a friendly and inviting natural space by Lake Engolasters.

Andorra Land Art is a shared cultural activity for the entire country. It is an initiative sponsored by the main public institutions of Andorra (the Government, the Parliament and the Parish Councils, among others), with the cooperation of major companies (Andorra Telecom, FEDA, and others). All seven parishes of the country will be sharing centre stage, offering exclusive, unique locations for the art installation works.

So, we invite you to come and enjoy the surprises the Andorra Land Art 2015 has in store for you. Open your mind to the passion of art and delight in this great cultural competition that is sure to make Andorra the benchmark for environmental art in Southern Europe. Come on in! We wish you all a wonderful Biennial!


Andorra is a matchless backdrop for the Land Art International Biennial, as it has all the necessary ingredients to hold an artistic event of this calibre: A natural landscape of vast beauty, thanks to its geographic location amid the Pyrenees Mountains. An artistic and architectural heritage of great value, particularly made up of its Romanesque churches, yet which also takes in other buildings and styles, including the most contemporary of today. A special sensitivity for art, as displayed by the countless sculptures that populate the public spaces and the frequent art exhibits that are scheduled here.

Moreover, Andorra has previous experience in the field of Land Art, which speaks for the country’s deep understanding of and appreciation for this art. The two most noteworthy pieces are: The sculptures of the CASS (Andorra’s Social Security Institution), which were installed by initiative of this institution in different places around the nation, in the 1980s. The “Ruta del Ferro” (“Iron Route”), an outdoor sculptural itinerary that sprawls from the Farga Rossell forge in La Massana to the Llorts Mine in Ordino. Although these pieces do not form part of the Biennial, they will be mentioned in the promotional material for the event (maps, information pamphlets, etc.) to enable the Land Art lovers who come to Andorra during the ALA’ 2015 to visit and enjoy them while they are here.


The primary mission of ALA is to enhance the value of the vast natural and cultural heritage of Andorra, based on the principle of building a contemporary landscape, a different way to interpret a place, a region, a country… In other words, we are creating a “country-scape” through artistic intervention. Hence, in much the same way that a tattoo or makeup aims to embellish the human body, the art piece is inserted into the landscape with a set of aesthetic codes. And at the same time, beyond the onsite installations, we are open to other forms of art that take their references from nature or the landscape, whether paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos or other types of offsite installations.

The objectives of the Andorra Land Art International Biennial are:
– To attract a new type of tourism, one that moves for cultural reasons, particularly at a time of year when the country tends to attract less tourism;
– To increase the international prestige of Andorra as a country that has made a commitment to culture and art, with a bold proposal that goes beyond the conventional offers;
– To convey to society the message that the Andorran environment and artistic heritage are two values that need to be underscored and brought to light, both inside and outside of the country;
– To promote the presence of national artists and bring them into contact with other prestigious artists from around the world who will be taking part in the Biennial;
To spur the entire Andorran society, particularly the future generations (young people and children), to become involved, so as to conceive art as a basic element of contemporary culture.