Toni Cruz

Toni Cruz (AND)



“Cows” is an artistic composition made up of about twenty pieces reproducing these animals in size and wit different attitudes and positions. The sculptures are made of iron, but they are not solid but built by hundreds of small round pieces, similar to washers, which together make up the skin of the cow. The material has the natural color of iron, but with the sun and the rain is so gradually aging.

These sculptures is the first time that see the light, as until now they “slept” in the workshop of Toni Cruz, waiting to find a specific destination. With “Cows”, the artist does a tribute to Andorran livestock, once so important in the economy and today in clear decline but it still remains present in more rural areas as a witness to past times .


Next to the Romanesque chapel of Sant Joan de Caselles (Canillo)


Toni Cruz, of Andorran nationality, born in 1965, is a self-taught artist who has been slowly making a name in the art scene in the Principality. His extensive production, which includes hundreds of pieces, focused mainly on metal sculptures, made with different techniques. His artistic, personal and unclassifiable proposal is born of the need of the artist to interpret the world with a passionate and innovative look.

Toni Cruz’s work is exhibited permanently in public spaces of the Principality of Andorra and is part of some important private collections. He has participated in international group exhibitions in Genoa (1998), Kuala Lumpur (1999) and Biarritz (2000). In the Andorran art galleries Mama Maria and Galeria 120 he has his work exhibited permanently. He has participated every year in the Andorra Art Show (Mostra d’Art) since 1995.