Tito Farré

Tito Farré (AND)



This artist proposes an intervention on the façades of the car park of the “Part Alta” (“Upper Area”) of Escaldes-Engordany, by creating a geometric element that brings the complex together. Here, vivid colours are used to generate movement on façades and dignify the flat faces of the buildings, which are now quite rundown.

Together with this intervention, an augmented reality installation will be created, to afford the viewers different views of the space, with interactive 3-D elements that will generate further attraction to the intervention on the façades. Using mobile devices, the viewers will be able to watch the way the façade comes alive and interact with the elements that form it, experiencing surprising audio and visual sensations.


These façades are in the Part Alta (“Upper Area”) of the Parish of Escaldes-Engordany. They are located on the car park building, in front of the Church of Sant Pere, offering an exceptional image thanks to the great open space in front of them, their size and the corner shape of the building. The space measures 34 [-] x 34 m, covering an approximate surface area of 1,150 m2. The façades are 34 m wide and 20 m tall (on the façades parallel to the avenue Avinguda Carlemany), and 20 m wide and 20 m tall (on the façades that are perpendicular to the avenue).


Josep Anton Farré Canelles, also known as Tito, was born in Andorra in 1979. From a very young age, he felt a certain devotion to the drawing, which would bring him to study Graphic Design in Barcelona, a city in which he would acquire a passion for contemporary art, photography and design in all of its forms. For more than ten years, the artist has been taking advantage of his passion for art and drawing, to create his projects in the field of graphic design and advertising.

His introduction to the world of art would reach its high point when he joined the team of Reunió de Papaia, where he took part in the creation and development of exhibitions, art installations and all sorts of cultural actions. Just as his passion for art has influenced his projects as a designer, his knowledge as a designer has also influenced his work as an artist, or rather, as a designer with artistic interests.