Sara Valls Frédéric Hoffmann Susanna Ferran


Origin Space

WorkThe work presented by these three artists is an interactive installation that staged a geodesic dome, which allows them to create an enclosed space surrounded by large tree roots from the edge of Engolasters lake. This installation aims to invite the visitor to enter the dome to think about their own origins, the past, and taking the time to think about what thas shaped and conditioned it.

The interaction among the artists and the observers is taken place through photographies and words. During the first days of the Biennale, people who want to live this experience makes a more guided deep into its origins with the help of questions, thoughts and photographic portraits.

In this work, Toni Riberaygua also has collaborated in the design of the dome, and Lluís Casahuga with a sound installation.


In the Ras Zone. Ferran, Hoffmann and Valls will be there on 18 and 24 September, for all the visitors who would like to know more about their work or who seek advice for their own installations in nature.


Susanna Ferran has been immersed in the world of the image since she was very young, when she began to photograph her life experience on her many trips around the world. At age 21 and holding a Degree in  Communication and Advertising from Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, she moved to Madrid where she pursued a Master’s in Documentary Photography (EFTI). In 2006, she went to live in London, where she worked with the Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive, PYMCA. One year later, she won the Andorran  Government Prize for Innovators, and she returned to the mountains of Andorra, where she co-founded IMAND, the country’s first image bank. At the same time, she began to work as a professional photographer, collaborating with the Principality’s foremost institutions and companies and capturing the moments of the  most important events that were held in Andorra. After 6 years of documentary and advertising photography,  she decided to focus on her career as an artist. Hence, she developed the project “Life is Flow”, as a means to express her quest for balance in every area of life.

Frédéric Hoffmann began his career as an artist at age 15, playing the steel drum, a Caribbean percussion instrument. His passion for music and sound would enable him to play with different groups in Paris, London and Trinidad and Tobago. As a musician, he earned his Degree in Business Administration and planned to develop his own concepts in the art world. After graduating, he went on to manage the communications department of a Paris-based advertising firm. In 2010, he left the French capital to move closer to nature, taking residence in Megève, in the French Alps. There, working with a partner, he created the art and design gallery Formes et Utopie, promoting the work of young artists and international designers. In 2012, he began to travel and develop his own career as an artist through a writing and poetry course at Oxford University.

Sara Valls with a background in the Fine Arts and Social Education, the point of departure for Sara Valls’ work is the issue of identity such as the family and origins, matters that affect her very closely. It is that proximity that has led her to create pieces charged with emotion, the deepest feelings, which she tends to identify as common to human psychology, those which the viewer can come to perceive and feel as his/her own. It is the variety of techniques and materials that characterises her work. Her intention is to draw on that variety to generate an emotional and sensorial interaction between herself and the observer. Hence, she adjusts her materials to each concept: drawing, painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation art.  Anything serves her purpose, as long as it can become the conveyor of an idea.