Rafel Contreras

Rafel Contreras (AND)



Rafel Contreras presents Circulus, his first foray into the world of Land Art, and he is excited to form part of this experience. The project is a simple idea, a work on the interrelations between the mineral world and the plant world and the communication among observers.

The name of this installation comes from Latin and is the diminutive of circus, circle. A circle closes itself, representing unity, perfection. It is the symbol of the sky in relation to the land and it is identified with protection. With this project, Contreras aims to express the relationship between the mineral and plant worlds. A circle of stones around a tree. The stone circle will serve as a protector for the tree and at the same time creates a difference between interior and exterior, making a circumference.

The artist says that he is particularly interested in seeing what will happen with the passage of time: the development of nature inside and outside of the installation. The process will have to endure the different seasons of the year, the phenomena related with the climate, animals, etc. Moreover, what will the people do when they draw in close to it? Will they simply observe it, respecting the installation or will they act against the work?


In the Ras Zone. Rafel Contreras will be there on 17 and 23 September for all the visitors who would like to know more about his work or who seek advice for their own installations in nature.


Born in Andorra la Vella in 1958, he studied for two years at the School of Art of Sant Julià de Lòria and took a monographic course in Sculpture at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts of Tàrrega (Catalonia). Since he began his works, the influence of contemporary Basque artists, where strength and sobriety form part of tradition and culture, has been highly present in his sculpture. The metal plate to the service of the geometric structure and in abstract arrangement is his basic element of portrayal within sculpture.

Autogenous welding and the possibilities of working with cold wrought iron, as well as certain techniques and rusting procedures, enable the artist to continue his line of research and create abstract shapes, often  adding in other materials, such as stone and wood.

Rafel Contreras has shown his work in many solo exhibitions in Andorra, Barcelona and La Seu d’Urgell, and has taken part in group exhibitions with other artists in Sòria (Spain), Cannes (France), Paris and Brussels. One of his works was purchased by the Parish Council of Canillo (Andorra) and is on public display in the Mereig Cemetery, of the same Parish.