Work“Estripagecs” (literally, “Jacket Shredders”) is a sculptural ensemble made up of five large totems that take on the shape of five estripagecs (irregularly spiked metallic bars that are often placed in windows to keep people from entering a building. The name, “jacket shredder”, comes from the very purpose of tearing the “jackets” of thieves). These metal bars form part of Andorra’s cultural and architectural heritage, and the particular pieces of this installation are exact replicas of the bars of the Parish of Ordino.

The element of the totem is an object or a supernatural being or animal that in the mythologies of certain cultures becomes the emblem of the community or of the individual. Such emblem can include a diverse number of attributes and meanings. In totemism, like in land art, that emblem is also understood as a symbolic relationship between nature and the human being.


The backdrop chosen for this piece is the Parc Natural de Sorteny.


Born on 23 March 1971, Pere Moles is married and has two children, Maria and Peret. He studied Design in Barcelona and went on to begin his professional career in the same city. He is non-conformist, restless, and according to him, he is very rigorous. He also considers himself a designer on the outside and an artist on the inside. If he wants to do graphic design, he draws on the teamwork of his studio; if he wants to do art, he goes off alone into his own private world. Hence, he is an artist who does design, rather than an artistically fickle designer. As a result of that inner private work, he has created diverse sculptural pieces, Land Art and mobiles, as well as a large number of photographs, drawings and paintings, using diverse techniques and formats.

You may be wondering what a designer is doing creating a monumental sculptural Land Art installation… The truth is that his sincere interest in contemporary art has in some way influenced his work as a designer, and if there were ever a place where nature, historical heritage and art could interact in an almost earthy way, that place is his country, Andorra.

Beneath his mellow and kind nature hides a restless spirit that is always quick to respond to the input that he receives from the most culturally burgeoning cities. This is the spirit of someone who wants to go beyond the frontiers and who is convinced that Land Art in Andorra can become a European benchmark.