Mònica Armengol

Mònica Armengol (AND)

Memory of a rural tool

WorkOccupying and humanising a space, pointing out a certain fragment and drawing in close to it to define a new physical and visual space. Giving the viewer the option of choosing the direction of his/her gaze, of going inside the work, of inhabiting it, of truly getting into, to become a part of that work.
The andà, a traditional livestock tool in Andorra and in the Pyrenees, is a wooden frame construction that was used to lead the herds or to close off their passage at the entries to prairies and cultivation fields.
Handmade pieces made of hazelnut wood, in keeping with tradition. Functionality decontextualized. Exhibiting an object completely removed from its purpose, to endow it with the value of a work of art, a value that it has lost.Location

In the Ras Zone. Mònica Armengol will be there on 16 and 22 September, for all the visitors who would like to know more about her work or who seek advice for their own installations in nature.


Mònica Armengol is a visual arts instructor at the Escola Andorrana, a university preparation school in Andorra. She earned her Master’s Degree in Applied Arts, specialising in the application of colour in environmental projects, at the University of Toulouse-Jean-Jaures, in France. In 2008, she received a Fulbright – Study of the United States Institutes Scholarship. She completed her academic education with training in Set Design at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona, before returning to Andorra to create the Ordino School of Art, the first municipal school of art, where she worked as both a director and a visual arts instructor for 3 years.

She has created the sets for theatre productions including “Pedra de Tartera”, by Maria Barbal, for An-Danda-Ra; and “Dakota”, by Jordi Galceran, for Somhiteatre; and she has taken part in the PQ (Prague Quadrennial), with a Fire Performance. This experience would leave its mark on her work, which primarily consists of onsite theatre installations made with paper, colour and light.

She has participated in artist residency programmes such as “Andorra Tallers d’Art”, with curators Pedro Sancristobal, Ermengol Puig and Joan Gil Gregorio. She was also invited to take part in “Art Camp, Colours for the Planet”, an international cultural and artistic exchange that is held in Andorra and sponsored by UNESCO and the Government of Andorra. She currently lives and works in Andorra.