Blue deer


The piece presented by Jordi Casamajor for the first Andorra Land Art International Biennial takes the shape and iconic image of a large deer whose antlers are formed by the branches of a dead tree. The deer is blue in colour, as this is the artist’s preferred and representative colour for his sculptures and one of his signature features.

Through its markedly symbolist and expressive intention, the deer represents constant regeneration and rebirth; in a word, it represents nature’s lifecycle. The deer loses and regrows its antlers in a constant cyclical pattern. This “magical” feature already captivated certain primitive cultures to such point that they came to deify this majestic animal.


Jordi Casamajor will be present in the Ras Zone on 15 and 21 September, for all the visitors who would like to know more about his work or who seek advice for their own installations in nature.


Born in Andorra in 1971, Jordi Casamajor received his Degree in the Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He currently lives and works in Andorra. He has received many awards for his sculptures and has shown his work in countless art galleries, as well as boasting public and monumental pieces in Andorra.

The body of works that Casamajor has created through the years is closely tied to and inspired on popular ancient beliefs, ethnological roots and the desire to recreate and promote the survival of a world and an aesthetic rooted in primitivism and symbolism. Inhabiting his work are nature-worshiping deities, shrines, and sacrificial altars with animal skulls. Also present are funerary boats designed for the voyage and passage of the soul, as well as ploughs which take the form of offerings, evoking the natural lifecycle and the fertility of the land.

He is currently working on symbolic sculptures based on mythological beings, mythic animals and fantastic creatures, creating images which he refers to as orants, knights and tightrope walkers.